Daniel Starling



Full Stack Web Developer focused on data driven work. Passionate about keeping up to date with the latest technologies, and building impactful products. Previous experience in hospitality and management has helped develop communication and management skills necessary to succeed in a team environment.

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This is a landing page for Guidr, an app for outdoor guides to network and share their experiences.
Guidr Logo
Web, UI, Landing Page
Salty Hacker News Trolls
Salty Hackers uses sentiment analysis to rank comments on Hacker News as "salty" or "sweet". It was built by a team of 7 developers over 4 days. Along with a partner we built this using React, Semantic-UI, Chart.js, and a data science api.
Salty Hacker News Trolls
React App
Post Here Reddit
This an app where you can input text and our data science model will tell you to most appropriate subreddit for that post. This was a group project, I built the backend with Node and Express
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Backend, Node, Express
Data for Democracy Slackbot
I built a Slackbot for Data for Democracy, an open source community of over 4,000 people, using the Hubot framework. This Slackbot has helped onboard 100's of new members, directing them how to get started and where to find helpful resources.
An Instagram clone made with faker.js to mock posts.
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Web, React


Building a Tech Community Website

Building a Tech Community Website
Part I — Framework choice
Jul 2019 - 6 min

Managing your slack community with a custom bot

Managing your slack community with a custom bot
If you have a growing online community and are starting to feel a little overwhelmed by administrative tasks it may be time to start…
Jul 2019 - 5 min

Building a Slackbot with Hubot

Building a Slackbot with Hubot
Step-by-step building a Slackbot with the hubot framework to welcome people to a slack community and provide easy access to information.
Apr 2019 - 12 min